Victory Players Residency + Commission

Next week I’ll be joining the Victory Players in Massachusetts for a residency to workshop excerpts of a new work that is being commissioned to be premiered in 2024.

Politics I at PMF 2023

Just a quick update that Politics I is being performed Thursday, March 9th, 5:00PM at IU South Bend as part of the Performing Media Festival. Get in touch through my contact form for the link to the zoom room if you want to take part remote!

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[IQ-Wall Artist Meet & Greet] 
[March 9th]: Thursday 5:00 – 6:00 PM
University Grill, Administration Building, IU South Bend

Festival welcome address and introductory remarks featuring interactive media works by Eric Lemmon (Politics I) and Lark Spartin (DIstant Distraction, Foul Breach, Separate Sensation) at the IQ-Wall. This will be a great opportunity to meet festival artists and those who worked to put the festival together.

PMF Schedule

Politics I Paper Presentation & Performance at SEAMUS National Conference, April 7-8, NYC

Graph example of progressions.

It’s been such an honor and joy seeing how much life my work, Politics I, has been getting! Coming up, the piece will also be performed at the SEAMUS national conference here in NYC in April! I’ll also be giving a SEPARATE presentation on the work, describing the participatory sonification system that underpins the work and how that enables the audience to engage, concretely, with a politics of aesthetic preference. Get those THUMBS READY to text and get ready to compete over the shape of the work!

Visualization of the probabilistic harmonic generation system in Digital Discourse.

More details, including date and time of both the performance and paper presentation, will be coming soon, but even more importantly, I can’t wait to see all the amazing performances and interesting research that everyone is doing!

ISon 2022

Totally dropped the ball on posting about this, but yesterday Margaret Schedel and I presented at the 2022 Interactive Sonification Workshop that is being held at Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg in Delmenhorst, Germany.

Screenshot of Marsyas demo
Screenshot of MARSYAS demo

In our presentation we briefly review different types of mapping and data display tools that were created to inform the public about the pandemic, as well as critical perspectives on each. We then proposed our own ArcGIS and sonification-based, socially conscious mapping tool: MARSYAS.

I’ll post the link to the conference poster here when the DOI is published alongside the proceedings! More to come on this project in the future. We are both grateful to our other collaborators and Co-Authors: George Aumoithe, Inderjeet Bilkhu, Haotong Zhu, and Litzy Escobar.


In this paper, we describe a hyperlocal ArcGIS- and sonification- based COVID-19 web-mapping tool that seeks to ameliorate some of socio-technical problems associated with epidemiological map- ping and the field’s frequent usage of visual and haptic data dis- play. This socio-technical problems can be seen in current, well- known and frequently cited epidemiological mapping tools, such as the Johns Hopkins University COVID-19 Dashboard, which face functional and formal design challenges when compared to the hyper-phenomenal scope of the ongoing pandemic. As a re- view of our current project scope, we describe the stakes of the pandemic and pose questions related to the aforementioned design challenges that tools deploying data display may face. Taken as a whole, our project aims to offer a response to some of these design challenges by offering user choice and control, n-dimensional data display via sonification, and the integration so socio-political data into epidemiological layers to better represent Suffolk County’s lived experience with COVID-19

Lemmon, Eric, George Aumoithe, Margaret Schedel, Inderjeet Bilkhu, Haotong Zhu, and Litzy Escobar. “Mapping in the Emergency: Designing a Sonified Map of the Social Experience of Covid-19 in Suffolk County, New York.” In Proceedings of the 2022 Interactive Sonification Workshop. Universität Bremen: Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg Institute for Advanced Study, 2022.
Mapping in the Emergency Paper Front Page

From Elemental @ NowNet Arts 2022

From Elemental Singularities to Unified Complexities: A Microcosmic Journey will be performed at the 2022 NowNet Arts Conference.

NowNet Arts Conference is an annual event for artists, technologists, researchers, educators, and industry professionals advancing topics in contemporary network arts for the ongoing development of the field.

This performance will be particularly special, as the co-Composer of this work, Anne Sophie will also be performing this time around! Look forward to seeing you there!

Politics I @ Peabody Institute

On March 14th at 6:00PM, the Peabody Institute’s laptop ensemble will be performing a scored version of politics I. Here, the students in the ensemble will receive instructions on what texts to submit so as to control—concretely—the musical direction of the work. Because movement one of the work is meant to be largely deterministic in its sonification (so that actors within the audience can replicate results they find aesthetically pleasing), it should be an interesting experiment in the expressive capabilities of the system. I am also speaking to the ensemble on Monday about the system and my praxis more generally and then rehearsing/workshopping the work. Should be a ton of fun!

The Politics of Aesthetic Preference out in Organised Sound

My article “The Politics of Aesthetic Preference in Participatory Music” is out in Cambridge University Press‘s Organised Sound today & it really represents years thinking about participatory concert music experiences as consensus-based spaces. The article reads a political negotiation out of Nattiez and Agawu’s semiological accountings of music as discourse that, when taken alongside the agency handed over to a participating audience by performers/composers, constitutes a Habermasian public. Give it a read when you have a chance and get in touch!