Lemmon, Eric C. “Telematic Music vs. Networked Music: Distinguishing Between Cybernetic Aspirations and Technological Music-Making.” Journal of Network Music and Arts 1, 1 (2019).

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Lemmon, Eric. “The Impact of Institutional Support on Artistic Research and Creation: The Columbia- Princeton Electronic Music Center and the RCA Mark-II”, Paper published in the proceedings of the International Computer Music Conference, 2019. New York City, New York.

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Lemmon, Eric. “The Politics of Aesthetic Preference in Participatory Music.” Organised Sound, 2022, 1–11. doi:10.1017/S1355771822000012.

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Current research projects:

“Dissensus, Refusal and Participatory Music: Negation and Rupture in Crowd in C”

This paper, that is currently being revised for an edited volume is being developed to think through some of the problems I could not address in my Organised Sound paper, which theorized a consensus-based politics within audiences as they interact with participatory works from a Western concert music tradition. It draws on Rancièrian notions of politics and analyzes Sang Won Lee’s “Crowd in C” for audience members’ behavior during the micro-political space of a performance.

“The Territory of Telematic and Networked Music: Dreams of the Singularity and Insurmountable Space”

I presented at the NowNet Arts conference in 2021 on some further critical reflections on telematic and network music. In this presentation, I focused in on how networked music and telematics music—as artistic practices—actually push back on and resist the temporal and spatial singularities imposed upon society by our hyper-connected and -globalized networks.