New Adventures in Sound Art Submission


From Elemental Singularities to Unified Complexities: A Microcosmic Journey


Anne Sophie Andersen & Eric Lemmon

Work Sample 1 (Hybrid Live and Telematic Performance):

Please start at 5:30

Performed at Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus by Eric Lemmon, Malthe Volfing-Høojager, and Anna Jalving in August, 2021

Work Sample 2 (Live Performance):

Please start at 9:00

Performed at Kunstraum Walcheturm by Eric Lemmon, Melody Chua, and Eric Larrieux in December 2021

Full Program Note:

The piece was commissioned by the New Music for Strings Festival as part of a 3-part collaborative composition under the theme “remote connections”. As composers, we were challenged due to the pandemic to think of new ways of collaborating remotely. From the beginning, we wished to explore aspects of communication, how it evolves through the development in society, and how it breaks down due to polarization and conflict. Inspired by writings on systems theory and telematic approaches, we ended up creating a sonic simulation of a microcosmos—arising from the elements and evolving to life forms, individuals and collectives—where communication develops autopoietically. The piece is a result of that process.