KCUR Portfolio

Podcast Co-Host & Production

Sound Design 1:

This audio track was designed as a transition between mysterious nature scenes. To create it, I deployed ethereal strings and ambient drones to evoke the scene’s character. Rather than using literal natural sounds, I wanted the nature-based and murky content to be represented abstractly.

Sound Design 2:

This sound design serves as background foley for a seaside dock scene. It has idle chatter, lapping waves, small boats passing by, a piccolo playing a reel, and more.

Composition + Audio Engineering: Connections

This work was composed, performed, recorded, shot, and edited by myself, Edward Enman, Rose Naggar-Tremblay, and Viktoria Nikolova in the span of three weeks during the 2021, Westben Performer-Composer Residency. A digital opera, the work moves through a series of vignettes drafted by individuals and pairs in the group before arriving at a climax that features each member of the group.

The representative timing given here is the ‘duet’ between myself and Viktoria Nikolova, which features Viktoria’s voice, and me on both keyboard and as digital audio producer (mixing, mastering, further effects, and sequencing). Viktoria and I co-composed this movement. Some of the themes of the opera are featured here, including the aesthetics and virtuality of digital mediation as well as questions of mistranslation.

The notes associated with the web-opera are as follows:

\\ 23.7.21, Westben Performer-Composer Residency

Three weeks ago, we were four strangers in two time zones speaking three different mother tongues, gathered together in a virtual space.

While wanting to address the theme of post-pandemic hopes, we felt compelled to observe the processes that could lead us to communicate about it in the first place.

How could we translate each other’s thoughts into our own musical or linguistic identities, and what could be found in that welcoming and active listening?

Could we really be seen through the lenses of our devices?

Other timestamps of note that feature my work in sound synthesis, digital music composition, and audio production:

Granulation Movement: