Eric has experience teaching students of all levels, whether it be students beginning on violin or viola, students pursuing a degree in music, or adults interested in enriching their lives.


Beginning violin & viola students will start off in one of three books, The Sassmannshaus Tradition: Early Start on the Violin, The Shirley Givens Method, or Suzuki Book I, depending on age.  Aside from this, I Can Read Music Vol. I and a notebook of blank staff paper will also be required.  It is also a good idea to have the young student pick up a book of easy pieces that the student would have a great time playing, whether it be Disney or arrangements of their favorite songs.

Young students should be sized properly for their instruments.  Every child is different so the music shop, or luthier you rent or purchase the instrument from should be able to help with size personalization.  Normal sizes for very young students range between 1/8th and 1/4.

During the first year or two, students should take 30 minute or 45 minute lessons.  Students are expected to practice every day, even if for 5 minutes.  Practicing for 10 minutes a day over an entire week is far superior to practicing twice in a week for 40 minutes on both of those days, even though the aggregate time for the latter may be greater.

Intermediate & Advanced

Eric has taught students at the university level as a teaching assistant to Pamela McConnell at University of Miami.  Students in intermediate to advanced levels will continue through the Suzuki books as they provide a great progression of pieces until repertoire outside of the method becomes far more worthwhile and interesting.  Additional method books worked out of include exercises from Sevcik, Schradieck, Dounis, Galamian, Flesch, Rode, Kreutzer and Sitt.

Eric’s students have won perfect scores on NYSSMA’s yearly festival adjudication and are involved in string ensembles around the Tri-State area.

A 45 minute or 60 minute lesson time is recommended for intermediate and advanced students. Violinists will be playing on a 4/4 or full sized instrument at some point in the intermediate level.  Violists will continue to be sized according to their growth as violas are sized variably, with most full sized instruments around 16 in.


Lessons for adults can be tailored to your wishes.  Adults have more flexibility in choosing their repertoire but focus on technique and exercises will still be asked of the student.